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FNMA Approvals:
1028 (12-15, 19&20)
1028 (5-11, 21-23)
1028 (3,4,16-18,24)

Public Reports:
Final Public Report
(buildings 1-4,16-18,24-24)
Final Public Report
(buildings 5-11,21-23)
Final Public Report
(buildings 12-14, 19-20)
Contingent Final Public Report
(buildings 1-11, 16-18, 21-28)

Waikoloa AOAO Insurance Information:
Tom Dimayo (Jerry Hay Insurance)
Tel: 808-521-1841
Fax: 808-523-7694

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Parade of Homes Winner - Multi-Family!


* Lavish Amenities
* Distinct Architectural Features
* Exquisite Home Appointments

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Plan A
1847 sq. ft.
Up to $600,000s

Plan B
2107 sq. ft.
Up to $600,000s

Plan C
1598 sq. ft.
Up to $500,000s

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