The Cottages at Mauna ‘Olu Makaha Valley, O‘ahu

Cool & Comfortable: A Refreshing Home in Leeward O‘ahu

Breaking ground soon on the island of O‘ahu, the Cottages at Mauna ‘Olu are located inland from the famed Makaha Beach. Comprised of 100+ single-family homes, the Cottages at Mauna ‘Olu is set to be a condominium community spanning over 26 acres. In addition to its scenic location, the Cottages at Mauna ‘Olu will also include a recreation center as well as other amenities. This planned community is located approximately 16 miles away from the thriving and urban city of Kapolei. Simply put, The Cottages at Mauna ‘Olu provide a cool, comfortable, and refreshing home in Leeward O‘ahu.