Since 1990, Stanford Carr Development, LLC has thrived as a local development firm headquartered in Honolulu, Hawai'i

Our Reason For Being

Our mission is to develop quality residential communities, commercial projects and special needs housing that achieve strong market acceptance and provide long-term value. Toward this end, the firm strives for excellence in every aspect by:

  • Developing master-planned communities with innovative site planning
  • Creating distinctive neighborhoods with diverse architectural character
  • Utilizing the latest technology and materials to provide the highest quality homes
  • Shaping living experiences that are environmentally sensitive
  • Providing the community with increased affordable housing opportunities


We are a team of diverse individuals whose experience and expertise contribute to the strength and capabilities of the firm, including:


When it comes to concept plans, the Stanford Carr Development team has over 130 years of experience in the building and construction industry.


Our sites and architectural designs reflect the commitment our team has made to create superb neighborhoods that blend harmoniously with the Hawaiian lifestyle.


Lifestyle, location, and modern conveniences are amongst the many factors we take into consideration when conducting market research.


Entitlements are key to establishing every single development. With 28 years of experience developing in Hawai'i, we know the importance of working diligently through every entitlements process with our local and state governments.


Our Chief Financial Officer, John Shimogawa, has a thorough approach to feasibility studies from the predevelopment states through implementation and completion.


We have built exceptional partnerships with firms that reflect our vision and share in our passion to build thoughtful homes that work collaboratively with the needs of the individuals living in them.



Our award-winning team consists of 10 project managers who oversee every detail of the construction process. They ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality and architectural ingenuity.


Stanford Carr

On the slopes of Haleakala, in the quaint Maui town of Kula, an eleven year old boy by the name of Stanford Carr, tended to his farm with a sense of passion and excitement. Stanford’s love of the land led him to spend his time both after school and on weekends cultivating his very own plot of vegetables. To his surprise, the plot of land he had been caring for was not the only thing thriving, his work ethic was too. Through the course of growing and selling vegetables he had the realization that in life what one puts into a project is exactly what one is going to get out of it. He learned at the budding age of eleven, you reap what you sow.

As Stanford’s life progressed, his love for the land guided him to be one of Hawaii’s top developers. A desire to enhance Hawaii’s various landscapes with his master-planned communities resulted in the creation of Stanford Carr Development LLC.


Our development approach has garnered both local and national recognition including 14 western national awards from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference and numerous awards from the Hawaii Building Industry Association's Annual Parade of Homes event including the Grand Champion Award.